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Are you looking for a used car for sale in Delmar, NY? Skip the big dealerships and visit Ayers Automotive to shop our used vehicles for sale. We've been in business for 25 years, so you can trust that you'll find used cars for sale that are in great condition.

Buying a used car comes with a lower price tag, less depreciation and lower taxes. Drive off in a used car that feels like new. To check out our used vehicles for sale in Delmar, NY, view the gallery of our recent postings or stop by Ayers Automotive today.

2009 Honda Civic with 110,961 miles - $7,000.00

2009 Honda Civic, very clean with 110,961 miles. A/C, power steering, power windows, power locks, power sun roof, and new brakes all the way around.

2012 Honda CRV with 80,000 miles - $15,300.00

2012 Honda CRV, 80,000 miles. Fully loaded, extra clean. Power windows, locks, sun roof, and A/C.

2012 Toyota Camry with 78,184 miles - $13,000.00

2012 Toyota Camry with 78,184 miles. Power windows, door locks, seats and A/C. New tires and front brakes.

2011 Honda Accord with 114,169 miles - $8,800.00

2011 Honda Accord with 114,169 miles. Power windows, door locks and seats, leather seats and A/C. New front brakes.