I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey that needed a timing belt replacement. Liked the reviews for Ayers and called for a quote. The quote was very reasonable and the work was superb. Steve is very trustworthy and takes care of any issues or concerns that the customer might have. I had the tries replaced and while driving home, the TPMS light came on. Brought the van back the next morning and Steve repaired the issue with the TPMS system that afternoon. I highly recommend Ayers Automotive for all of your repairs. It is comforting to find a trustworthy and highly competent automotive repair shop. You will not be disappointed.

Bruce Turek


This is my new go-to shop. Theyre busy for a good reason! Great prices and once your car is on the lift they get it done quick... When a shop treats people honestly they build a great reputation and no longer need to nickle and dime their customers. Thank you Ayers !!!

Nicholas Bohn


Close to home and rail trail so i can leave my car there and walk or ride back home.

Jon Montgomery


Very nice people and efficient inspection. We are new to the area and would recommend this local business.

Chris Edwardson


Great service reasonable friendly

Ron Wilday


Was driving through from outta town when my clutch blew. Steve set me up and had me on my way in no time at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend if you ever have car trouble in the Albany area. They take Amex too.

James Ladue


Found out they also do oil changes... great prices, quick and willing to work around my schedule! Friendly owner and mechanics! They were also honest about my air filters! (They didn't need to be replaced). Trustworthy, and reliable estimated time of repair too!

Ryan Keller


Ayers Automotive staff work hard to ensure you feel like a valued customer.

Carla Ronk


They have worked on both our vehicles. Great work, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. We highly recommend them, we wouldn't take our vehicles anywhere else.

Debbie Traver


Me and my wife are new in town. When my car started leaking antifreeze i went online an found that Steve had great reviews. I brought my car over and Steve found the problem and fixed it quick and at a decent price. I will be bringing all my vehicles to him in the future.

Glen Traver


Myself and several family members have had service and repair completed on different vehicles all with good results. Fast , courteous , and professional. Highly recommended.

M & C


Started with previous owner GR Auto. Always cautious with new owners, but over last 2 years have been consistently impressed with service Steve Ayers has.



Very kind and flexible staff. Owner is honest and trustworthy. No rip-offs!

Brigette W.


I recently moved to the Albany area from WNY. As a single female, taking your car to a mechanic is always nerve-racking. How much are they going to take advantage of my wallet this time....Steve and his crew took care of me and my Jeep when my engine light mysteriously popped on and my car was having trouble accelerating. His crew was honest and made sure I was aware of everything before making the decision to get the work done. The price was incredibly fair. I will absolutely be coming back to Steve's in the future and I would recommend anyone else to do the same!

Alexis Willard


I walked into this place, first thing in the morning, to inquire about where my old mechanic, who used to be across the street, went. Steve said they closed more than three years ago, which left me with a leaking radiator down the block, and no trusted mechanic. He said they were just getting ready to start the day, and bring it into the bay to get looked at. 10 minutes later I was given a diagnosis, and a quote. When I asked the time frame for the repair, expecting a day or two, I was told early afternoon. In fact, I got called at 1:30 saying it was done. This shop is wonderful. Maybe this isn't typical, being brought in ASAP and such, and that's okay. I'm happy with the work, and the staff and will be using this shop for all my future repair work.

Jesse Pilger


I've been coming to gr auto for years while george and galina owned and I absolutely loved them..then i came one day and they were gone..i was skeptical at first with the new owner but they do great work..friendly..fast..and fair

Winter B.


Each time I find myself landing at the garage again, I end up relieved. It wasn't so bad after all. The prices are fair. The staff is courteous. The owner invests his personal time and care into this shop, and it shows.

Raquel Johnson


Experienced. Honest. Friendly. Reasonable.

Brooke KM


I have been a long time customer of GR Auto. George and Galina had always taken great care of my cars and helped many of my friends. I can sincerely say that Steve has my trust and has already done excellent work on my Honda Accord. I fully encourage anyone looking for a dependable mechanic to bring their vehicle to GR Auto.

Rick Wolslayer


Staff did a great job! Thank you so much for fixing our box truck even after hours. We really appreciate your professional help and quick service. Perfect customer service. Steve was very friendly and explained everything to me. I would definitely recommend this business!

Olga Rudenko


My friend got a flat tire on our way to Delmar from Glenmont and in our search for a close gas station, auto repair, we ended up at GR and Chris came to take a look. He checked w/his boss - Steve Ayers (owner) who came out and changed my friends' flat tire for free. That was so unexpected and I just want to add my friend said she would start using them for repairs on her car now. Thank you Steve

Laurie Brisley


My wife and I have had our Lexus and Acura vehicles serviced by GR Auto for the last 5+ years with former owners, George & Galina. They were terrific, and so we were worried when we heard they were selling and new ownership was taking over. But our fears were quickly eliminated - Steve and his son, Chris have excelled in the customer service arena and their mechanical skills are equally as good. Just recently, Steve helped us out with a major breakdown and also got us in on short notice for a last minute required inspection. Always with a smile and good attitude, Steve is great at explaining what the problems are and not making you feel like he's just searching for ways to upcharge what you're there for. Their rates are fair, and we highly recommend the shop for all auto repair work.

Gary Pollard


Have been searching for a reputable auto repair shop in Delmar for the past few years and have found the best of the best. Needed a minor repair on my SUV recently and Steve took care of it in less than 1 hour. Brought our BMW in for a coolant leak today and Steve came through again. Same day service and a extremely reasonable price. Absolutely one of the most honest business owners ever.

Frank Viggiano


Reasonably priced, friendly staff, amazingly quick, and the best place to get your cars serviced in Delmar.

Stacy Flavin


I am so impressed with this garage, they were able to take my daughter's car immediately and what we expected to be a huge transmission issue, turned out to be an affordable fix. Car is ready same day. Professional, referred us a great tow (Bleaus), timely, HONEST, and fast. I will recommend you highly to others. Thank you!

Kathy D


"I brought my 2001 Sebring's "check engine" light into Armory Garage, and was stunned to be told there was an internal failure in the computer that they couldn't fix because they no longer supported the software. Gave me a corporate # I could call, but said it wouldn't do any good. Said it won't pass its next inspection, and essentially worthless in NYS. Bought there, serviced there...never again.

Fast forward...spur of the moment stop into GR Auto for confirmation. Three days after picking up my now good-as-new car, I'm still smiling. Steve Ayers and his folks were super--knowledgeable and nice! Confirmed the computer failure....then bought a new computer and had it programmed. Problem fixed!! Why Armory couldn't do that, I'll never know, but I'm thankful now that they were so unhelpful...or I'd never have discovered GR Auto. Icing on the cake--gave me rides to/from GR Auto and my home! 6-star review on a 5-star scale! Thank you, Steve and GR Auto!! Add me to your loyal customer base!"

Deb R.


"Shop is under new management. Great customer service. Reasonable pricing. Super friendly staff. Always does service with a smile."

Ellen Snee


"I have been a loyal customer of GR Auto for over 20 years now. George and Galina took very good care of my wife and I and we purchased several vehicles over the years. We were treated fairly and were very satisfied with their service. When we heard that they were going tom retire we were apprehensive about who would take over the repair shop. About a week after they retired I called GR Auto for help because my Volvo would not start. I spoke to Steve Ayers and introduced myself and he came right over to help jump my car. We had a good conversation and I was pleased that GR Auto was in good hands. I have had service done on two cars and a company truck and the work was done promptly and the pricing was fair and the labor rates have stayed the same as before. I have found Steve and his son Chris to be very personable and accommodating and will continue to bring my vehicles to GR Auto to be serviced. Welcome to the neighborhood Steve Ayers and company."

Tim Cunneen


I was a customer of the garage when George and Galina owned it and didn't know they were selling & retiring until I was there to get some needed work on their last day in business when they told me and that Steve was taking over. My first dealing with Steve came about 3 weeks ago and he did everything to earn my trust and I'm sold. As a long time customer of the place I'm happy to give an endorsement to Steve and his crew



I have been a customer of G R Auto for the past fifteen years. I remain extremely satisfied with G R Auto now that it is under new ownership. We were all worried when George sold the business, and {whew} the new owner is keeping up the level of service and friendship.

Ned F.


Brake lights quit on me and called GR at noon. Dropped my vehicle off at 1 PM and it was done by 2 PM. Extremely great service and very reasonable. Highly recommend them

Frank V.


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