Choose Ayers Automotive for Repair and Maintenance Services

Choose Ayers Automotive for Repair and Maintenance Services

We bring 25 years of car experience to Delmar, NY

Our owner, Steve Ayers, recently took over Ayers Automotive, formerly known as GR Auto Repair Shop, which has been serving the Delmar, NY area for 32 years. He’s keeping the same name and business model while bringing his 25 years of experience in the car industry.

Don’t let a change in ownership scare you away. Our family-owned and operated company will give you the same superior service and knowledgeable repairs that you’ve come to expect from GR Auto Repair Shop, which is now operating as Ayers Automotive. Visit us for all of your auto maintenance service and repair needs.

Improve your mechanic communication skills

If you don’t have a background in auto mechanics, you might not know how to explain the problems you’re experiencing with your car. Here are some common terms that can help:

  • Backfire: A gunshot-like sound that’s coming from your engine or tailpipe
  • Bucking: When your engine hesitates or the transmission slips as it changes gears and your car jerks forward
  • Shimmy: When you can feel a side-to-side motion through your tires or steering wheel

Leave your car with our professionals to find out exactly what’s wrong with it, and we’ll fix it in a timely manner.